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Lijiang Tacheng Benzilan Deqin Shangrila 8days tour

Departure: Lijiang Destinations: Lijiang
Travel Days: 8 Best Travel Time: All year round

This trip is for adventurous travelers looking for an experience encompass physical and cultural activities; discovers unique wildlife and explores untouched, wild regions.

9 Days Tour Shangrila,Deqin, Weixi,Lijiang

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Deqin
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time: All year round

The Three Parallel Rivers Area of Yunnan encompasses themajestic land hemmed in by the mighty Yangtze, the free-flowing Mekong and the wild Salween. Many of the twenty five different ethnic minorities currently living in Yunnan can be found in this area which features snow-capped peaks more than 6,000 meters high, glaciated gorges and terraced fields. These peaceful people have for generations not only preserved, but also nurtured this "Shangri-la".

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