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Shangril Xiangcheng Daocheng Yading Litang Yajiang Kangding Chengdu 9 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Chengdu
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time:

Yading, the "Shangri-La" discovered by Joseph Rock in 1928, is renowned for the 3 holy peaks, which were blessed in the 8th century by Buddha Padmasambhava - projecting his divine light onto the range and naming the 3 elevations after 3 bodhisattvas.

Shangrila Deqin Yanjing Mangkang Zuogong Pasu Pomi Lhasa 9 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Lhasa
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time:

 The journey starts in Kunming (Yunnan) and follows the "Yunnan-Tibet highway" through the dramatic gorges of the Yangtze, Mekong and the Salween. Many Tibetans wish to make the journey to the holy city once in their lifetime: To accumulate merit and cleanse themselves from misdeeds. In the old days, reaching Lhasa could take months on horseback or years by full-body prostrations.

Shangrila Deqin Yanjing Mankam Zuogong Basu Pomi Bayi Nyingchi 6 Days Tour

Departure: Shangri-la Destinations: Nyingchi of Tibet
Travel Days: 6 Best Travel Time:

The road condition has greatly improved over the years but you still need a four wheel drive vehicle. This southen road is extremely scenic with snowcapped mountains, alpine lakes and gorgeous scenery. 

Shangrila Deqin XIangcheng Daocheng Yading Luguhu Lijiang 8days

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Deqin. Yading. Lugu Lake
Travel Days: 8 Best Travel Time: $.

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