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Shangrila to Yubeng 8 Days tour

Departure: LIjiang Destinations: Shangrila
Travel Days: 8 Best Travel Time: All year around

 Yubeng Village is situated in the valley at the foot of Wuzi Peak which is at the bottom of Nianmu Peak of Meili Snow Mountain in Deqin County. It is almost inaccessible to many visitors because roads are definitely impossible to be developed. One can only get there by trekking or horse-riding for 18 kilometers, challenging the highest elevation of 3,700 meters above the sea level. Yubeng Village is endowed with intriguing and primitive landscapes. Its remoteness and isolation make people disbelieve that there are even human beings living and multiplying in this valley.

Shangrila Deqin XIangcheng Daocheng Yading Luguhu Lijiang 8days

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Deqin. Yading. Lugu Lake
Travel Days: 8 Best Travel Time: $.

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