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  • Shangrila Deqin Yanjing Mankam Zuogong Basu Pomi Bayi Nyingchi 6 Days Tour

  • Tpye: 4WD Tour
  • Departure: Shangri-la
  • Destinations: Nyingchi of Tibet
  • Travel Days: 6
  • Best Time:
  • The road condition has greatly improved over the years but you still need a four wheel drive vehicle. This southen road is extremely scenic with snowcapped mountains, alpine lakes and gorgeous scenery. 


Dining: Lunch at Benzilan town & Dinner at hotel of Deqin
Accommodation: Shenshan Hotel
Vehicle: 4WD
Altitude: 3400m
Mileage: 200km
Traffic: In-building pavement


The drive to Deqin is simply the best way to view the great variety of landscape in the Great Rivers region. Decsending to the Yangtze Basin, we stop at Benzilan for lunch, after which we will continue ascending the scenic mountain range of Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve. The highest pass, at 4,296meters(14,090 ft), would stand as an altitude test for those visiting the Himalayan mountains for the first time. You need not worry, you will soon be relieved to find yourself arriving at Deqin, the gateway town to Tibet. 


Dining: Lunch in Yanjing & Dinner in hotel of Zuka
Accommodation: Zuka Hotel
Vehicle: 4WD
Altitude: 2450m
Mileage: 260km
Traffic: 80% asphalt, 20% dirt roads


Departing Deqin, we travel along the north of Mekong River valley into Tibet. Along the way, we may be able to see the peaks of Kawagebo mountain range on a good day. Mt. Meili (6,740 m/22,113 ft), which straddles the border of Yunnan and Tibet, is the highest peak in the province. Once into Tibet, our first stop will be in the town of Yanjing, which was once the main source of salt for half of the Kham Tibetan area, which ranged from northwestern Sichuan down into Yunnan. We will visit to the salt fields, followed by a stop at the hot springs, where each of us could pick our own natural hot bath overlooking the Mekong. Certainly the best way to relax our body for the adventure ahead


Dining: Lunch in Zuogong & Dinner in Basu town
Accommodation: Basu Hotel
Vehicle: 4WD
Altitude: 3000 meters
Mileage: 320 Kilometers
Traffic: 40% asphalt, 60% dirt roads


We cross Donada mountain passes in this section of the drive with 5,008 m(16,430 ft)sea level. Driving past local Tibetan houses scattered round the feet of snow-capped peaks and Bangda plateau, the expressions on innocent Tibetan girls would make you realize that you are one of the first foreign visitors to this isolated region.
We will visit the 99 bens of Nujiang road and going to cross the Nujiang(Sarwen) river gorge to arrivel Pasuo town


Dining: Lunch
Accommodation: Purple drill Hotel
Vehicle: 4WD
Altitude: 2750 meters
Mileage: 168 Kilometers
Traffic: 60% asphalt, 40% dirt roads


We will visit the beautiful Ranwu lake and driving along the lake to view the Wa village, after that we driving along the Poto-chu Valley at Tramog (2,743 m/8999 ft), located deep in the thickly forested gorge of Parlung Tsangpo with glacial waterfalls streaming from the mountainsides. We will go down several hundred meters in altitude as we reach the lowland jungle settlement of Tang-me where the Tsangpo and Parlung Tsangpo rivers meet.
we will walk around 2hours to visit the beautifull Midui mountian and glacier on the way down to Pomi


Dining: Lunch in Lulang & Dinner In Bayi city
Accommodation: NyingChi Hotel
Vehicle: 4WD
Altitude: 3000 meters


Crossing Serkhyim La (4515m) and the Parlung Tsangpo, the trail now follows the upper course of Brahmaputra. The landscape now is now virgin rain forests. Arrive at a small forest settlement where the Yi’gong Tsangpo and Parlung Tsangpo rivers converge.
We then rise to high altitude terrain again crossing several 5000m passes with endless outstanding views. Just south of road into Linzhi is Mount Bönri (4671m), highest of 3 sacred Bön peaks on the north bank of Brahmaputra. It ranks along with Kailash as the most sacred pilgrimage peak of the Bön religion. Linzhi (3000m) was the former county capital, now a small town on the bank of Nyang-chu, set below Mt. Bönri. Its setting is truly magnificent - primeval forests, plateau lakes, high mountains and deep fertile valleys.


Dining: Breakfast in the hotel
Vehicle: Air Plane


Send you to the airpot and trip ends

You can choice one more day overland tour to Lhasa with 450 kilometers driving on the way

Brife intreduce of Nyingchi Airpot
Nyingchi Airport (simplified Chinese: 林芝米林机场; traditional Chinese: 林芝米林機場; pinyin: Lín​zhī​ Mǐ​lín​ jī​chǎng​) is an airport in Mainling, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet, People’s Republic of China (IATA: LZY, ICAO: ZUNZ). It is suggested to be one of the most challenging instrument approaches in the world, since the airport is in a winding valley.[1].

Nyingchi Airport is the third airport that Tibet has put into operation. Built at a cost of 780 million yuan (96.18 million U.S. dollars), including investment by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC), the airport is 2,949 meters above sea level, lower than the other two civil airports, with a designed annual passenger flow of 120,000.
 Known as 'the world's most difficult airport for planes to reach', Nyingchi Airport is situated in the valley of Yarlung Zangbo River in the Southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, surrounded by over 4000m high mountains enveloped by clouds and fogs throughout the year. Planes have to fly through the narrow and winding river valley. The narrowest flight path is less than 4 km from one mountain ridge along the valley to the opposite one. According to meteorological data, there are just 100 days overall that are airworthy in the airport each year.


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