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How to get in?2/20/2013

By plane
There are daily flights to Shangrila (the airport's name is Diqing, airport code DIG) from Kunming,Lhasa,Guangzhou,shanghai,Chengdu and Chongqing.

By bus
Lijiang to Shangrila - these days a fast 4 hours.
Dali to Shangrila is a 6-hour drive - both night and day buses do this run.
Kunming to Shangrila is a 12-hour drive - also serviced by both night and day buses.
Panzhihua to Shangrila takes 12 hours, passing through Lijiang. There seems to be one bus per day, leaving at 5pm. Cost is around ¥140.
Deqin to Shangrila is a windy 6-hour drive. The town of Benzilan, which lies about midway is worth stopping off at in its own right, and breaks the journey up nicely. (Summer/ Fall 2010: due to construction along this route people are reporting it taking close up to 15 hours for this ride.)
Shangrila is the important stop for the journey from Yunnan to Tibet (G214), with regular buses to Lhasa and Chamdo. see also Overland to Tibet.

Lhasa - there are several buses to Lhasa from the bus station, you should ask at the bus station as it is not a daily schedule. You could choose the SEAT bus or the SLEEPER bus. The cost for the bus is around ¥550 and takes about 4 days for the trip. Although it is convenient for travellers, it misses much of the great views along the route.
Chamdo - there is also a bus to Chamdo, an important city in East Tibet. Unfortunately, this bus is even less frequent than the Lhasa bus so it is important to check at the bus station for the itinerary.