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Where to eat?11/3/2011

  • Arro Khampa ! (阿若康巴), Pijiang po, Old Town, ☎ +86 133 8887 3878 ( 7/7, 9:30AM-10:30PM. Tibetan cuisine. Run by a Franco-Chinese couple, Damien and Ting, Arro Khampa is a local restaurant housed in an authentic two-storey Tibetan house situated right in the middle of the Old Town. The restaurant offers a wide range of classic Tibetan dishes. Its Tibetan-French raclette is unique in Yunnan. -Directions: Exit the Dancing Square towards the south-east. Directly on your left you should see the Compass "In & Out" Bakery. Opposite Bakery, take the street sloping uphill (Pijiang Po). After 100 yards along Pijiang Po, where the road starts sloping downhill, Arro Khampa is on your right.
  • Bhaskar's Kitchen, Dawa Road, across from old town entrance and car park, Old Town (Between old town and new town, is Dawa Road, and Bhuskar's Kitchen is just around the corner from the supermarket and Noah's cafe), ☎ +86 15184990110 ( 7/7, 8AM-12PM. Himalayan cuisine. Rated the top eatery in Shangri-la, Bhaskar's Kitchen has a reputation throughout Yunnan for the quality of its food, due largely to its chef: Nepalise chef Bhaskar, who prepared fresh a variety of Nepalise, Indian and Tibetan dishes. Authentic cuisine, cosy atmosphere and friendly staff make it place for travellers, foreigners living in town, monks, muscians and locals. Best dishes are the curries. The Indian chai tea is also sought after.
  • Compass Cafe, (In the old town, just next to the old town square), [3]. Serves authentic western food and delicious cakes. Equiped with an Espresso machine. Cozy atmosphere, its heated and great for family. Free wireless available. Recently opened a bakery "In & Out" next door selling breads, muffins and other savouries.
  • Karma Cafe, (In the old town). Good food and hospitable staff. Owner Afang speaks perfect English. Not located in busy old town but off the beaten path. Tibetan house and meals, though western meals are also served. Rooms available, though only two rooms.
  • Hiker's Coffee (徒步者之家咖啡), Room 409, Building 8B, Huajun Square, Changzheng Road, Shangri-La, Diqing, Yunnan, China (Walk to Old Town for only 2 minutes), ☎ +86-13378876480 +86-0887-8228900, [4]. 6:30a.m. - 11:00p.m.. Established by an after 80s boy of Shanghai, Charles Tang. He loves hiking very much. You can take bus No. 1 or No. 3 to "Huajun Square". "Huajun Square" is just across from "Sto Express". If you raise your head, you can just see four Chinese words "华骏广场". Then follow the arrow on the map and find "Building 8B". After reaching the 4th floor, you will turn right in the hallway and get to "Hiker's Coffee" immediately. Business Scope: Western Food, Coffee, Drink, Shanghai Food. Shanghai Pan-fried Steamed Bun(生煎馒头) and Pork Dumping(小笼包子) are very good.(¥20 for big ones) ¥30.
  • Hongxin Restaurant (红心餐厅; Hóng​xīn​cān​tīng​), Heping Road (Across from the big Longfengxiang Hotel). Decent restaurant, serves some Tibetan dishes (baba, pipa meat).
  • Korean Restaurant (also known as Yak Bar). Tasty Korean fare including seafood pancakes, sushi, zucchini rolls, table-top bbq, bibimbap. They rent bikes from the front of restaurant (20-30 RMB), and the boss even has a private stash of higher quality mountain bikes in storage for a slightly higher rental price. He will give you his cell number and come out to help you if you have any trouble with the bikes.
  • Momos, (Enter the Old Town from the lower entrance 50m on the left). Serves Nomadic style momos (Tibetan Dumplings) and great Sichuan Food. Comfortable and friendly. 
  • Noah Cafe and Inn (挪亚). Best western food in town. Wireless available, for a price. Noah is also an hotel. 
  • Puppet Restaurant, Old Town Street, ☎ +86 887 8225485, 13988782100. Great Tibetan food in a warm and friendly atmosphere, although there is only one page of the Tibetan food in their menu. They also serve Indian and Korean cuisine. Full of locals rather than tourists. If you have a sweet tooth, 奶渣炒面团 is worthwhile trying.
  • Qionglai Restaurant (邛崃餐厅), Wujin Road (Not far from Paradise Hotel). Great Sichuan dishes.
  • Sean's Cafe No 2, North Gate Street, Old Town (40 metres from the car park, up a flight of stairs, look for the English sign). Opens 6:30AM. Authentic Tibetan food, great for breakfast. The Tibetan porridge and yak cheese dumplings are recommended. Daisy, daughter of the Tiger Leaping Gorge's Sean, speaks great English and can give good local travel advice.
  • The Shangri-La Yak Cheese Shop, No. 3 Chi Lang Shuo, Old Town (Next to So Ya La and across from Fragrant Valley Coffee), ☎ 15987595185. 10am - 10pm. A specialty cheese shop that produces locally sourced yak cheese with Western methods. Great selection of local wines to pair with the cheese, as well as a wide selection of cheese-inspired local and Western dishes.
  • Soyala Tibetan Diner & Bar, Cangfang St 1 (in old town, next to the white stupa). Burgers, patties and dumplings are made with free range 100% organic Yak meat and burger buns are prepared daily. The restaurant staff are former residents from the Children Charity Tendol Gyalzur in both Shangrila/Gyalthang and Duilong/Lhasa. edit