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Climate and Weather in Shangrila2/20/2013

Diqing stands in a high altitude area which is 3300 meters above the sea level. The annual average temperature here is 5.4℃ while the absolute lowest temperature is -27.4℃. It may snow even if in the August. Moreover, because it is embraced by a transversal mountain range and has complicate and changeable landform, a saying goes that one will experience four seasons in a day. Therefore, it is advised to bring along coat, down jacket, mittens and skidproof boots. Especially after October, sufficient clothing for keeping out the cold can not be ignored. Meanwhile, due to its dry weather and strong ultraviolet ray, UV-protection cream, sunshading umbrella and sunglasses are necessary for ladies.

Generally speaking, tourists pay visits to Shangri-La in spring and summer when Shangri-La is endowed with pleasant weather, brilliant flowers in full blossom and amazing scenery. Autumn is the most splendid time for a visit. About 20 days after the Mid-Autumn Day, the plain is full of autumn sceneries. The rainy season in Diqing plateau lasts from June to September.