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Zhuoma Jiajia Noodles in Yanjing     

Type: Yanjing Restaurant Address: yanjing,Mangkam Tibet

In Yanjing Town of Mangkang County, almost every restaurant has Jiajia Noodles on its menu. Traditionally, Jiajia Noodles are handmade; however, with the increasing number of tourists flocking to enjoy the local snack, machines have been employed. The special fragrance of Jiajia Noodles lies in the gravy, locally known as "Pipa Meat", which is in fact a particular way of processing pork in the western part of Southwest China's Yunnan Province and the eastern part of Tibet.
Usually, the amount of noodles takes up only one-third of the bowl; only in this way can the noodles be immersed in the gravy and taste fresh and delicious. However, even before the guest can finish one bowl, the host will dish out another bowl. Generally, one has to eat from eight to ten bowls of such noodles before filling his or her stomach.

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