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  • Sean's Guest House

  • Type: Shangrila Hotels
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  • Address: Walnut Garden, Tiger Leaping Gorge Town, Shangrila ,Diqing ,China 674400
  • Sean's Guesthouse Welcomes you to Tiger Leaping Gorge !! Sean is the first person to Open up shop in the gorge, the first to open a guesthouse in the gorge, the first (English-speaking person/person to learn English) in the gorge, the first person to marry a beautiful foreigner & the first person to do business with foreigners. Sean is disabled but takes pride in his abilities as a strong, knowledgeable mountain guide. He is the only person to be highly diligent in the protection of Tiger Leaping Gorge.


  • Ensuite B.B

    Hotel Listing Price: 460

    Booking Price: 380

  • Ensuite B

    Hotel Listing Price: 440

    Booking Price: 360

  • Ensuite A

    Hotel Listing Price: 240

    Booking Price: 200

  • Ensuite A.A

    Hotel Listing Price: 280

    Booking Price: 240

  • Common double room

    Hotel Listing Price: 100

    Booking Price: 80

  • Common twin bed

    Hotel Listing Price: 100

    Booking Price: 80

Story about Sean

Sean’s in Tiger Leaping Gorge Here be gaining new china from 1949-1976 doing Socialism, make all country poor, people had no food no money. Then from 1982-2011, china making steps as western country, doing Capitalism, make poor and rich gap too far, rich people kind of like one person business covered all Provence, No-one takes care of poor people and they can not see hospital . So now what we need to do is getting true Communism, poor people doing work, rich people put money to be equal with working people, we plant trees, especially Walnut tree plant in Walnut Garden and extend this project to all Tiger Leaping Gorge, change rural economics to be all community property and tourism economy. Everybody cooperates to protect the land and home property, share the business, not like Capitalism the boss takes over all business! 'Sean Spring is leading a community venture on land communally held by the inhabitants of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, to develop walnut growing. This is intended to grow walnuts for commercial sale, which will provide a cash crop and act as an incentive for the farmers to cherish their trees rather than cut them down for firewood. In the last few decades, the requirement for firewood has denuded the slopes of the Tiger Leaping Gorge of an immense amount of tree cover, leading to the danger of soil erosion and a change in the microclimate. Sean is asking that you make a totally voluntary contribution, however small, towards this community venture. Success in this area will show that working together brings considerable benefit, and will incentivise the community towards greater cooperation for mutual benefit'. Sean is a truly admirable local man with great ambition for his village-a true community leader, you’d be spending your money in the right place.

Facilities at Sean's

Tourmaline & infrared Sauna Benefits: The sauna experience - clear your mind and body, melt away tensions and extra pounds. Tourmaline heaters in sauna room emit 5.615VM healthy far infared ray and healthy ion which can be obsorbed effectively by human body, meanwhile, through sweating which can help people burn up calories, improve toxin, smoothen skin color, relieve pain, increase immunity, prevent disease, and anti-aging, sauna room is necessary for family health. A sauna is a peaceful refuge from the stress of daily living - a soothing, dry heat environment that relaxes and refreshes, to leave you feeling healthy. When you take a sauna, the heat pumps up blood circulation near the skin and stimulates sweating. It helps the body rid itself of toxins and mineral wastes, improve immune system, relax muscles, increase flexibility, and relieve pain. In a sauna, you'll burn hundreds of calories without hours on the exercise bike or treadmill. Saunas deep cleanse the skin. Infrared Sauna: Using less energy, operating at low temperature and warming up in minutes, Infrared Sauna is fairly new but rapidly gaining popularity. What is infrared? Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but we can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Our sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air in-between, through a process called conversion. The infrared is divided into 3 segments by wavelengths, measured in microns: 1.5~5.6 microns - middle infrared Among these segments, only far infrared penetrates organic substances such as the human body two to three inches so that the warming effect is very uniform. Sauna Care: Sauna's far infrared heaters radiate this far infrared to safely and effectively warm your body. How does it benefit us? Because infrared rays penetrate the body over 1-1/2 inches throughout conversion, there is a deep heating effect in the muscle tissues and internal organs without giving too much burden to the heart. If you want to be have high qualitative Guesthouse; All the stuff really work, All the thing true and honest, If you want really clean and warm, If you want to have comforters and have great real Food, welcome you to try and stay join with our company to keep all live happy ! complaining unhappy and only take over people keep way from us!!

Food At Sean's

For our place Food , You can have look with Link here: Sean's real western and tibetan Food . In Lijiang my Daughter Rosey has " Country Road CAFE", If you like our place style Food, you can continue visit this place ! Rosey is very helpful girl with speaking very good English !! In the Guesthouse, xiao li and Daisy cooks great fresh food, most people come to stay our Guesthouse is because of really good food and clean comfortable room, if you could have time to join our life here, you must booking Room through by our website, don't let any travel agency to booking your Room in our place, they don't honestly doing what your wish to work !!