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  • Banyan Tree Ringha

  • Type: Shangrila Hotels
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  • Address: Shangrila
  • One of the most secluded hideaways in the world, Shangri-La is a remote paradise hidden in a Tibetan valley. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, Banyan Tree Ringha is nestled within this fabled valley, offering awe-inspiring views and experiences within a tranquil retreat. Leave the modern world behind and step into a land of great beauty and peacefulness. At the Banyan Tree Ringha, the feeling of exotic isolation converges with all the comforts of a pampering resort stay.


  • Tibetan Suite

    Hotel Listing Price: 2900

    Booking Price: 2300

  • Tibetan Spa Suite

    Hotel Listing Price: 3600

    Booking Price: 2700

  • Tibetan Logde

    Hotel Listing Price: 4600

    Booking Price: 3700

  • Ringha Lodge

    Hotel Listing Price: 5800

    Booking Price: 4600

Banyan Tree Spa Ringha

Step into the luxurious Banyan Tree Spa, in the Tibetan valley of Ringha, which presents the epitome of romantic serenity coupled with exotic sensuality in Shangri-La. Banyan Tree Spa Ringha provides the perfect respite for travellers to unwind with a selection of spa treatments inspired by traditional Himalayan practices and the ancient Chinese Five Elements philosophy. Guests arrive to recline in the spacious spa lobby, surrounded by intricate carvings and handcrafted Tibetan artifacts, as they are served a warm spa drink before embarking on the quintessential Banyan Tree Spa experience. The professional training of its spa therapists is core, to ensure a high level of consistency and quality that Banyan Tree Spa is renowned for. Banyan Tree Spa therapists undergo formal training at Banyan Tree Spa Academies in Bintan in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand or Lijiang in China.

akhang Lobby Lounge

Discover the art of tea appreciation at Jakhang where hundreds of varieties of tea await your pleasure. Learn about the wide and fascinating array of tealeaves, buds and brews; and enjoy some of the finest selections by the fireplace.

Rooms and Suites

Step into a range of lodges and suites in the style of authentic Tibetan farmhouses. Decades old yet meticulously maintained and restored, these accommodations have a charm and story that is found nowhere else