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  • Chateau De Woody Guesthouse

  • Type: Shangrila Hotels
  • Star:
  • Address: Shangri-La County, China
  • WOODY GUEST-HOUSE IN WALNUT GARDEN OF TIGER LEAPING GORGE ,SHANGRI-LA Service department: comfortable flat-room ,standard-room,common-room.24hours hot shower ,clean toilet ,tasty western & Chinese meals ,cold beer drinks ,open air dining .rent taxi ,private car ,organize tour routes ,trekking guide for you .it’s quite reasonable .this guesthouse Is the oldest by (near ) tiger leaping gorge .it is in the grandest & most terrific scenic spot by tiger leaping gorge . ADD :IT lies between middle tiger leaping gorge and the lower tiger leaping gorge in SHANGRI-LA of YUNNAN . you wouldn’t finish travelling of the tiger leaping gorge untill you reach @ stay(tarry) in the woody guesthouse walnutgarden of tiger leaping gorge.owner are warm-hearted and friendly forward guests


  • double Romm

    Hotel Listing Price: 240

    Booking Price: 160

  • Single room

    Hotel Listing Price: 240

    Booking Price: 160

  • Wooden Twin

    Hotel Listing Price: 380

    Booking Price: 280

  • Dorm bed

    Hotel Listing Price: 100

    Booking Price: 60

Speaking from Experience

We stayed at Woody’s as part of a two week bicycle tour of Yunnan. Woody’s guest house is the first hotel one encounters when approaching Tiger Leaping Gorge from the east [as we did]. Conversely, it is the last hotel of Tiger Leaping Gorge when approaching from the west [the way most people arrive]. As we appoached from the east we saw a tidy wooden chalet style guesthouse. Given the proximity of the rugged Dragon Snow Mountain, one could imagine for a moment they were in Austria or Switzerland. We soon learned that Woody’s Guesthouse has 3 levels of rooms [they only promote standard and delux, but there are definite differences in the available standard rooms].. The lowest standard is across the street from the Gorge in a cinder block building whose entry way is across a foul smelling walkway and up a similarly foul smelling staircase. The rooms in this building are a mixture of western and asian toilets and a mixture of single and double beds. The cleanliness, ambiance, and views also vary for rooms in this building. If choosing this building, make sure you get to see your room and that it’s up to your liking / needs. There are three intermediate level rooms in the single story building on the Gorge side of the road. They are dark with simple furniture and simple bedding. Some might choose to call it advanced camping. After being shown the standard rooms, we stayed in the deluxe rooms, which are in the newest building – the two story challet on the Gorge side of the road. The building looks very nice from the outside. Once inside décor is all wood and the bedrooms leave one with a feeling of “OK I can live with a few inconveniences, this is China after all”. The bathroom however was well below expectations. Ours had a terrible odor—probably mold – whenever the shower was used. The odor was so bad we had to keep the door closed and the bathroom fan running. The odor would persist until dry, and drying would take a long time since – in typical Chinese fashion, the shower is in the middle of the bath area and gets the entire room wet. There was a grunge of some sort where the bathroom walls met the floor. And since the floor was a bit uneven, there was shallow puddle-ing in spots. We even had a resident 2 inch long centipede living in one corner. Friends we were traveling with had no hot water in their bedroom for either of the two days/nights that they stayed. Again in typical Chinese fashion, the beds were just box springs with thin a thin pad on top. And the interior lights were few, of low wattage, and half were burned out. In nice weather [warm & dry] dinners are served in a courtyard below the deluxe rooms that has a splendid view of the mountains surrounding Tiger Leaping Gorge. Dinners are off a limited menu, which included some western dishes. Note however those western items are quite different than one would get in US or EU [pizza is a good example]. We were most suspicious about the quality and content of local meats. There was no Internet at Woody’s guest house and none in the surrounding area. The staff spoke some English and one could get by without an interpreter by pointing and imaginative explaining. Certainly the key feature of Woody’s guest house was the splendid view of Tiger Leaping Gorge. This view is best enjoyed from a courtyard dinner.