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7 Days Tour LiJiang and Shangrila via Tiger Leaping Gorge

Departure: LiJiang Destinations: Shangrila
Travel Days: 7 Best Travel Time: All year round

 We will trekking pass 23 kilometer-long gorge. one of the deepest and most dangerous gorge in the world. The turbulent, roaring river rushes through its 60 to 80 meters width . At one point it is a mere 30 meters Tiger Leaping Gorge. The breathtaking beauty of the gorge has attracted thousands of backpackers both Chinese and foreign. Winding along the gorge is one of the most famous trekking trails in the world.

Circulambulation Mt.Meli 16 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Meli Snow Mountain
Travel Days: 16 Best Travel Time:

The center of this trip is a Kora (holy circuit) around Mt. Khawakarpo, a snow-capped peak associated with the Indian saint-magician Padmasambhava. Revered throughout the Tibetan realm as the mind emanation of the Buddha, the mountain stands sandwiched between the Mekong and Salween rivers in the southern tip of the Tibetan plateau. The foothills are among the world’s hotspots of biodiversity

Shangril Xiangcheng Daocheng Yading Litang Yajiang Kangding Chengdu 9 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Chengdu
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time:

Yading, the "Shangri-La" discovered by Joseph Rock in 1928, is renowned for the 3 holy peaks, which were blessed in the 8th century by Buddha Padmasambhava - projecting his divine light onto the range and naming the 3 elevations after 3 bodhisattvas.

Shangri-la Benzilan Deqin Yubeng 7 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Deqin
Travel Days: Seven Best Travel Time: all year round

 Meili Snow Mountain towers over the landscape in the west of Deqin County (Shangri-la) in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Also known as 'Prince Snow Mountain', it is the most sacred mountain the in the world. Meili Mountain has long been famous for Kang Karpo Peak, Yunnan's tallest mountain - 6,740m above sea level. Among one of the eight sacred mountains the Tibetans worship, it looks like gilded when the sun rises. There are 13 lesser peaks around it, each more than 6,000m above sea level. 

Shangrila Deqin Yanjing Mangkang Zuogong Pasu Pomi Lhasa 9 Days Tour

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Lhasa
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time:

 The journey starts in Kunming (Yunnan) and follows the "Yunnan-Tibet highway" through the dramatic gorges of the Yangtze, Mekong and the Salween. Many Tibetans wish to make the journey to the holy city once in their lifetime: To accumulate merit and cleanse themselves from misdeeds. In the old days, reaching Lhasa could take months on horseback or years by full-body prostrations.

Shangrila Deqin Yanjing Mankam Zuogong Basu Pomi Bayi Nyingchi 6 Days Tour

Departure: Shangri-la Destinations: Nyingchi of Tibet
Travel Days: 6 Best Travel Time:

The road condition has greatly improved over the years but you still need a four wheel drive vehicle. This southen road is extremely scenic with snowcapped mountains, alpine lakes and gorgeous scenery. 

Summit of Haba Snow Mountain 6 Days Tour

Departure: LIjiang Destinations: Summit of Haba
Travel Days: Seven Best Travel Time: All year round

As one of the snow mountains in Deqen Prefecture, the Haba Snow Mountain should never be omitted. It is located by the Golden Sand River with an elevation of 5,396 meters for its main peak and the lowest river surface elevation of 1,550 meters above sea level.

Lijiang Tacheng Benzilan Deqin Shangrila 8days tour

Departure: Lijiang Destinations: Lijiang
Travel Days: 8 Best Travel Time: All year round

This trip is for adventurous travelers looking for an experience encompass physical and cultural activities; discovers unique wildlife and explores untouched, wild regions.

9 Days Tour Shangrila,Deqin, Weixi,Lijiang

Departure: Shangrila Destinations: Deqin
Travel Days: 9 Best Travel Time: All year round

The Three Parallel Rivers Area of Yunnan encompasses themajestic land hemmed in by the mighty Yangtze, the free-flowing Mekong and the wild Salween. Many of the twenty five different ethnic minorities currently living in Yunnan can be found in this area which features snow-capped peaks more than 6,000 meters high, glaciated gorges and terraced fields. These peaceful people have for generations not only preserved, but also nurtured this "Shangri-la".

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