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  • Tibetan House Visit

  • Area: Shangrila Scenic Spots
  • Location: Shangrila

  • Family life is one of the most interesting attractions during your stay in Shangrila. Common Tibetan people welcome you to their homes, greet you in their traditional way and entertain you with their typical food.

    There are no "typical" Tibetan families; some are rich, some are poor, some are nomadic others are urban, some families live in Shangrila, but there are also a great number living in exile in other countries. They all have one thing in common though; every Tibetan family has been either directly or indirectly affected by the Chinese, Indian and Nepal culture. Anyway, the Tibetan people do not have been forced to abandon their old methods and principles of Tibetan culture that defined who they are.

    Do not photo them without permission!
    - Always circumambulate gompas and other religious objects clockwise
    - Don't touch or remove anything on an altar.
    - Don't take photos during a prayer meeting.
    - Always ask permission to take a photo
    - Don't wear shorts or short skirts in a monastery.
    - Take your hat off when you go into a chapel.
    - Do not eat dog, donkey and horse in Tibet.
    - Be aware that Tibetans often gesture with their lips to show a direction, so if a member of the opposite sex pouts at you they are just showing you where to go.