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  • Yanjing

  • Area: Tibet Scenic Spots
  • Location: Yanjing County Of Mangkam Tibet
  • Yanjing whose Tibetan name is Tsakalho (擦卡洛) is situated in the south of Tibet, 110 km north of Deqin (德钦) and 115 km south of Mangkang (芒康), along the only road that connects Tibet to Yunnan (the so-called Yunnan-Tibet Highway).
    The town is situated 914m above the Mekong gorge. Mekong River is known as Lancang Jiang (澜沧江) in China - at an attitude of 3,109 m. Yanjing has a long history and is an important staging post in ancient times on the “Tea Horse Trade Route” (茶马古道) where tea from Yunnan were transported on horse caravans to Tibet, India and further to trade.
    However the town itself is well-known and important as it is the only source of salt for this part pf China for close to a century (until recent times when salt can be easily imported from other parts of China).