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  • Ranwu Lake

  • Area: Tibet Scenic Spots
  • Location: East of Tibet
  • Ranwu Lake, also know as Ranwok Lake, is found in the village of Ran, in the county of Chamdo, roughly 90km from Town of Baima (white horse). Ran Wu Lake was formed by the blocking of rivers, the main one being Parlongzangbu, by debris from landsides, glaciers, and natural walls. This eventually caused water to pull into this area, creating Ranwu Lake. Ranwu Lake is a long skinny lake; it is 20 km in length and depending on the season only 1-5km in width. It is divided into three sections; lower, middle, and upper.
    Ranwu Lake is known for its size, the largest in the south eastern part of Tibet, it’s crystal waters with little debris near the lake, it’s mirror lake water, that originates from the snow capped mountains of MT. Gangrigabu in the southwest, Boxoila Peak in the Northeast and the Azhagongla Glacier in the south, its green grassy meadows, and it’s snow capped peaks. Ranwu Lake is also famous for its flowers in bloom in the spring, trees green as green can be in summer, autumn shades of reds and yellows that will make you dream autumn dreams, and in winter a kind of pure white, that will leave you breathless. Around the lake is an abundance of evergreen trees, and in the lake an abundance of fish. (that you can try fresh at the local street side restaurants.)
    This lake’s beauty is sure to bring you back to nature, and leave you feeling refreshed.