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Activities of Our Company
Year-end souvenir photos of 2009 Photographer:
Manager and operators Photographer:
Goup of men 2009 Photographer:
Year-end 2009 Photographer:
Year-end 2009 meeting Photographer:
The chairman on speech Photographer:
Men in our team 2009 Photographer:
Our Team Photographer: Tiger
Excellent of the year 2009 Photographer:
Excellent of the year 2009 Photographer:
Year-end 2010 Photographer:
Our Team Photographer:
Reward Photographer:
Minority Dance Photographer:
Group photo of 2011 Photographer:
International Center of 2011 Photographer:
Pretty Photographer:
Khampa Photographer:
Dolma and Mary Photographer:
Award of Excellence Guides Photographer:
Award of Excellence Managers Photographer:
Award of Excellence Guide Team Photographer:
Company management Photographer:
On the way to visit charity school Photographer: Tiger
Company Logo Photographer: Tiger
Part of our team 2013 Photographer: Tiger

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