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English Name: Pema
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Hualong, Haidong,Qinghai
Nationality: Tibetan
Date Of Birth: 8/5/1979 12:00:00 AM
Language: English.Tibetan
Mail: pematsering123!
QQ: 1144962877
Departments: International Center
Position: English Guide,Tour Guide Leader

Professional Skill:
Received English education,professional training and a good English leaning environment, asolid theoretical basis and practical experience, practice and study of strong filed.
Foreign language proficiency:
CET 2000 by India in English. Stong reading and writing.
By2002, India;s National College English Test. 2006 CET Exam
2007-2010 began a tour group to the present. I have been tour guide for four years. Used be tricking tour guide and have been many places around Shangri-La. I have got praising for many group