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English Name: Nancy
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Deqin Yunnan
Nationality: Tibetan
Date Of Birth: 1/3/1980 12:00:00 AM
Language: English
QQ: 1250091546
Departments: International Center
Position: English Guide

My name is Nangsel Dolma. My parents call me Nancy. I'm Tibetan. I was born in a very beautiful village, at the foot of the famous snow mountain " KaGeBo'' peak and near the Mekong river. Which is a very small village with only around 30 familys. I'm the first girl went to the school and came out of our village. I started learn English from Middle school. and i like it very much. At school i prefer to be all by myself going to study, In 2003 I was doing practice nursing in Yunling Hospital around 6 mothes; than went with my grandfather to india learn Tibetan and English again. In 2005 after new year i came back from India and beening a English tour guide in Holyland travel agency in Shangri-la till now. I like my job verymuch and i also like meeting various kinds of people. I'm easy to approach and friendly to everyone. But I'm afraid i'm a poor talker and that is not very good. so I've been learning how to speak in publik. I suppose a strong point is that i like lending my willing ear to others. During these years I've been guiding to Lasa, Sichuan, Yunnan area... Do treking from Tiger leaping gorge to Baishuitai. From Niru to Shangri-la city. also to Baima sowmountain and Yubeng waterfall... A i want to turn around the Meili sowmountain in 2011. From here you can see is all natural views and minority customs. I'm waiting for you come to visit my beautiful hometown Shangri-la. and i will be responsibble for you for arranging and co-ordinating tour activities, and offering service of transportation, accommodations, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. 





Cooking in the Log cabin at Dijee pastrue

Sleeping in the log cabin

Mountian pass

Deege pasture

Colorful Waterfall at Niru

Pudacuo National Park