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English Name: Mahong
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Kona Village,Tacheng Town,Shangrila
Nationality: Naxi
Date Of Birth: 11/25/1986 12:00:00 AM
Language: Englishi,Naxi,mandarin
QQ: 463683345
Departments: International Center
Position: English Guide

Education level:
I went to my local primary school from 1993-1997.then my parents sent me to one of my uncle’s home in Shangri-la to study in another primary school from1997-2001.
In July of 2001, I went my local middle school to study. And I studied 3years in there .In2004-2007 ,I went back to Shangri-la , I choose English as my major in the Di Qing Nationality vocational secondary school, I continued my English major in Li Jiang Education college two years ,in Li Jiang I learned many subject about English.
Work Experiences:
I graduated July of 2009 from Li Jiang, and I worked for my English teacher 6monthes, done the rehabilitation, to help some Kids .some disability people, taught them how to move their body or how to eat etc. and I was done a waiter in a west restaurant one month when I was a student. July of 2010,I work in the office in another travel agency, almost 1year I stay in the office .then from may of 2011 to Now ,I am guiding .I am a English guide now ,I like my job so much . I met so many people from different Country. I think to be a guide is a hard job, and it’s full of challenge to me, but I am Enjoy my job.
My hobbies:
I had a lot of hobbies: sport, listening music ,reading ,chat with my friends ,and I like traveling to everywhere ,I like outdoor sports ,maybe cause of my hobby ,I like my job so much ,I hope I can never lose this kind of passion ,just keep going .
I want say: I am enjoy my job, and enjoy with my guest .if you would like to come Shangri-la for travel, I would like give you wonderful service and let you also enjoy Shangri-la
Welcome to Shangri-la!